Top 5 Important Things You Should Know About KATINA POWELL


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She meinoned in a book that a former Cardinals basketball's director operations paid her Ten thousand dollar for dancers to do 22 shows from 2010 to 2014 at a dormitory.She has been now very popular on media. She has become main target of media and has a lot of claims.

1 - Katina Powell Has Worked With University of Louisville For 4 Years

In the university's dorms, She has joined more than Twenty alleged sex parties  From 2010 to 2014. All parties were Organized by the former director of school of basketball operations, And his name is Andre McGe. As a prize for players to sign with the school.

2 - Katina Powel Started As An Escort But Turned Into a Pimp

During the 2nd unclothing party for a budding engage, Some one could have sex for money 'Andre allegedly asked Katina'Andre is a rich person and has rain of money,katina cliams.And it was him that helped her turn from an escort into a pimp.

3 - She Reportedly Brought Her Teen daughters To These Sex Parties

Her two daughters allegedly tracked their mom into the family business when they were very minors.she has claimed in her book that her girls,She brought her daughters to the sex parties of University when they were just 15 and 17 year old.

4 - She Earned Over $10,000 For Her Services

Katina's Both Daughters Just Reportedly Earned 100 Dollar For Allegedly Having Sex With Players.But, Katina Earned a huge. She reportedly capture home over ten grand. She reportedly kept step of every detail in journals.

5 - Was That Reportedly True? What She Claims

5 basketball players reportedly committed claims of Katina, reports ESPN.all that players accept that  they have joined parties on the University’s campus that highlight strippers and this is also true that he made sex with a dancer when Andre paid her.. 


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