Top 10 Most Amazing And Dashing Places In LONDON


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There are many beautiful and awesome places in london. Tourists really like and want to visit London. London has many amazing factors that forces tourists to visit it.London also have many historical Palaces And other beautiful places.Here are the top 10 main attractions of London city

10 - Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a large, mainly Gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster.It is Located just near to Palace of Westminster.It is one of the Important  religious erection in the United Kingdom 

9 - Palace of Westminster

This Palace 1s the meeting place where House of Commons & the House of Lords, the 2 houses of the Parliament of the UK.This Is One of the most beautiful palace in the world. It's structure really looks awesome. 

8 - St. Paul's Cathedral

 This is an Anglican cathedral,and $eat of the  London's Bishop & the mother church 0f Diocese 0f L0nd0n. It situated on  Hill's Ludgate at the biggest point 0f the London city.

7 - Trafalgar Square

This public space you can say tourist main attraction 1n central L0nd0n, it was built around the region formerly called Charing Cross. It 1s located in the Westminster's City

6 - Tower of London

This is a kind of royal palace. it seems really attractive and beautiful this is also called London Tower.,This is a historic place. Tourists like it very much and become main attraction of London.

5 - London Eye

Like other beautiful places in London, London eye is also count in most beautiful places for tourists in London. It is also called Ferris wheel.It being main attraction of tourists for a long time.

4 - Buckingham Palace

This is the beautiful London residence & reigning monarch's principal w0rkp1ace 0f the UK.It seems like a house of Hollywood looks really beautiful. if you wanna visit London then don't forget this amazing palace

3 - British Museum

This is an awesome historical museum. And it is situated at  the Bloomsbury region 0f Lond0n. This is an amazing and beautiful museum for tourists. If you ever been there you should must see this.

2 - Tower Bridge

This Bridge is a bascule bridge in London. And is situated up on the river thames. And it is very near to Tower Of London and has many factors that attract tourists most.

1 - Big Ben

This is a big bell clock. and it is at the n0rth end 0f the Westiminster's Palace. it looks very attractive and beautiful. it's shape attracts the tourists more and like it very much.


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