6 Major Issues Facing Youth Of Pakistan Today


Now a days due to improper arrangement of study, residency, and food Pakistani youth is facing a huge of problems. Now many of children died due to poverty and many of them are killing by their own parents. due to easy approach to drugs, many of boys do this and get many of deadly deceases. here you'll see some of the main issues facing Pakistani youth now a days.

1 - Alcoholic Abuse

This is very risky to use alcohols and drugs even know it is injurious to health. It changes inner feelings of a person and force oneself to do many of eccentric things which can create violence for others, It is due to easy approach to drugs. Further more it is becoming a fashion for our modern youth. they are using it in houses and clubs. But this is just waste of health and wealth. It is like a Virus which is encircling whole the youth.

2 - Facing Poverty

Poverty is a condition in which a person or a community not getting their basic resources and not able to enjoy a minimum standard of average life. This affects totally on the Progress of a youth and a Country. But unfortunately It becomes a part of our country. You'll find this everywhere in our country. In every part of life our youth facing poverty. poverty has dominated on true talent of our youth.  Due to lack of money, talent of our youth is wasting in a bad way.

3 - Violence In Schools

In simple words we can define Violence as exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse. A major affect of violence is to create fear in minds of others. Someone who creating violence don't know that his act can change a positive thought of someone or a state. Unfortunately it also becomes a part of our country and a fashion of to be superior on others. It is going on it's peak in our schools, colleges etc.In Colleges, it is not so strange now to making groups for creating violence. That place where they should do something better for changing our country in a positive way, But they are doing acts like violence to destroy their positive thoughts and themselves.

4 - Improper Arrangement Of Education

Education is a basic human right. Without it, a man can never grow his mind in a positive way. Educated youth is the basic part of a Well Developed Country. But unfortunately education has become a way of business and way of Earning. Every private school is treating their students like customers. They only teach them how to read books or how to writ While the basic purpose of education is creating positive thoughts Or growth of mind in a positive way. In Our Country education has become a major Issue for our youth. In Govt schools, students are not able to think about proper way of education. Yes this is true that now education has become more worthy than a business.

5 - Child Labor

Both the constitutions and labor laws prohibit the employment of children before the age of 14 years. But in our country you'll see them in all type of working fields. There is a difference between doing work and doing labor. If work is not effecting the health and personal development of children then this is called WORK otherwise it'll count in LABOR. How bad this is that our youth is doing labor for fulfill their basic needs. This is our bad luck that our youth has to do this while they should do some thing better for Our Country's respect and progress.

6 - Lack Of Suitable JOBS

Youth is driven out by lack of Jobs. After spending a big part of life in study, they are not able to get a suitable job. 16 years should be spent for doing bachelors, but unfortunelty after spending your 16 years for a good future you are not able to find a Job that can satisfy you and your family. Act of govt also not good, Because Govt jobs are not for talented youth, It is only for those who has enough money for for it. It is a major issue because unemployment creates many negative thoughts.  

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