10 Interesting Facts About Youtube You Should Know


Youtube is the phenomenon that we have all come to love. Youtube is not only using for learning but also a biggest platform for entertainment. But even though many of us have made this website part of  our daily lives. Today I'll give you little known information about your favorite website YOUTUBE

1 - Stats And Traffic 

There are more than ONE BILLION unique users that visit YOUTUBE every month. BILLIONS Of hours of videos get watch daily. More than 300 Hours of videos are uploaded to YOUTUBE In every single minute.More than 80 percent traffic is from outside from US.

2 - Origins

Youtube is founded in February 2005 by three early PayPal Employees. After getting famous, the name Youtube.com is creating problems because Utube.com has created already.

3 - Dating Service

Not many people that Youtube actually first started Video Dating service. Two Important events occurred that forever shaped, we would come to Know as Youtube.

4 - Humble Beginnings 

Youtube offices are known for being cool places for free food, drink and other facilities for employees. Care for their employees makes it very humble and fabulous.

5 - Now And Then

Three Hundrends Hours of video uploaded in every minute.It's all started with just one.A 19sec clip. First popular video had 19M views with 17K subscribers. 

6 - Purchase 

Withing in just one year of being launched, Youtube became a very popular video sharing place. And google bought Youtube in 1.6 Billion dollars in stock.

7 - Milestones

The first ever Youtube video was hit 1 Million Views, In 2006 MDC Become the first tradional media company, strike deal with Youtube to put their content on the Website.

8 - Research 

Over the years, a lot of researchers get success by Youtube videos. Many of videos gave a new way of research, and many of researches get Virol through it.

9 - Sharing 

Youtube was In fact not a first video sharing website. Started in 1997 by Chase Nornal shareyourwork.com was first video sharing website.

10 - Easter Eggs

One of the least known feature on the Youtube but the favorite of those who know of it, are hidden easter eggs on the site. If you search the term BEAM ME UP SCOTTY you'll see searchers will beam on the screen vertically.


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