Amazing - How To Make A Realistic And Creepy Brain Cake - Step By Step


 People want to celeberate Their happiness in an amazing and surprising way. And for celebrating any event or happiness, Sweet Cake can never be forget; Sweet cakes are No 1 thing to celebrate Our happiness.
But in order to celebrate, they have been very advanced. You can take an idea from this CREEPY VELVET BRAIN CAKE, which is totally unbelievable and awsome. You have been saw a couple cake, or a house cake, or a car cake etc. But this VELVET brain cake will absolutely give you a shock.
Further More - Here you'll come to know that how can you prepare Brain cake like this and how can you make it more realistic step By step.

Step 1 - Cut Your Red Velvet Cake In The Shape Of Brain

Step 2 - Spray It Or Coat It With Simple Syrup In Order To Give It A Moisture Look

Step 3 - Shape Fondant Into Ropes And Then Fold It Like Brain Tissues

Step 4 - Cover The Whole Brain Cake By A Baking Brush With An Awesome Raspberry Jam

Now Your RED VELVET CREEPY Brain Cake Is Ready. Eat And Enjoy.

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