10 Things Good Students Should Ignore In Exams


Every one is equal but most of them use their senses to be equal to good and many of them hide their good senses to be equal to Bad one. Every one have equal mind and equal sense, only thing is that how to use it?? In examinations, All the students can never stands at 1st Position because they can not use their senses same with each. You have to choose the way how to study. If your way is pretty good then you will be a good student other wise an average or poor one. For top an examination, You should avoid many of unwanted things. Here are the 10 good and amazing Things to avoid for a good student.

1 -  Drinking So Much Tea And Coffee

Many students thinks that excessive drinking coffee or tea could help them to studying well. But it's Wrong. Yeah It is true in some kind, because it makes us active, But excessive use of it can damages our senses, if you adopt this habit then you would not study without drinking it.

2 -  Social Media

An important thing to being a good student is to cut off social media while studying or in exams days. Because now a days, social media is on it's fire. If we open social media site like FACEBOOK or TWITTER ETC then it will convert our mind to it, Because it will definitely have many interesting things which we want.And if once we get started, then it is harder to get back to STUDY.

3 - Over Awakening 

Yeah it is true that you have to work harder to achieve your goals. But it all depends on your inner and outer capacity. If you think that studying in whole night will make you top in the class or life then it is totally wrong. Because it is only your inner epic thought. One can top in exams without over awakening. And by scientific research it is clear that one should must sleep minimum 7 hours for a brave mind health and physical too.

4 - Studying While Dozing 

Many students do this. But it is all unwanted and Improper thing that doing many students in exams. If one is dozing then it means that his mind wants rest his mind can not work now properly.and also our eyes can not work properly while it dozing. So if one is dozing then he should give rest to his mind and eyes.

5 - Playing PC Games

Playing a sport is very good but playing a PC game is all about waste your time and attention. If you wanted to take some inspiration or Mind refreshment you should must do exercise or any physical sport game except of playing PC games.

6 - Study Continuously Without Any Break

Where ever we live or what ever we do, We need a break, Without it life can never be as perfect as it could with take a short break. In every field of our life we see ever where their will be a short break after done a reasonable work.and also in study, our mind wants rest so one should take a short break while studying.

7 - Over Eating Before Studying 

It is a wrong thought that eating a lot before studying would help us to give our attention to study well. But it is wrong. Our mind only wants glucose it can not except hydrocarbon or other things like this. So one should eat some sweet things except of eating a lot of other food before studying

8 - Visiting Places Or Shopping

One should avoid all his extra shopping needs and visiting places. Because it can easily divert your mind to the visiting place or any shopping product when you would start study.

9 - Studying Without Any Inspiration

Studying without any inspiration is just like we doing an task which we don't like. Study is a very beautiful thing if we can understand it. One should study in that way which his mind can pick properly and easily FOR EXAMPLE many students like studying at Greenery, Many like studying with a light music ETC.

10 - Cramming 

Cramming meanis is study intensively over a short period of time just before an examination. it is a very bad habit, if one have this habit, He will bore soon while studying and the lesson which he crammed will not stay in his mind for  a long time.


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