Top 10 Unbelievable And Rarely Seen Sea Creatures


Nearly 100 years of exploring of sea, our scientist had Discoverd some strange and ugly creatures. There are many unseen creatures in sea. sea explorers are doing their best to find more unseen and different creatures.

10 - Orange Frog Fish

Frogfish are full of surprises, these fish have evolved into different shapes. in order to bait their favorite meal. frogfish can swallow prey to twice their own size.

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9 - Longhorn Cowfish

These Little guys are native to the tropical waters of the indo-Pacific region. It can grow up to 20 inches long and is not meant to be a pet though some are buying them for their home aquariums. longhorn cowfish wallpapers, cowfish pics, cow fish wallpapers, longhorn fish pics, about longhorn cowfish, cowfish images hd, longhorn cow fish images hd, longhorn cow fish pics in hd, most strangest animal in sea, scariest animal of sea, scariest creatures wallpapers, unseen animals of sea.

8 - Bubble Eye Fish

The Bubble Eye is one of the most delicate breeds of fancy goldfish. It is believed that this fish is a result of mutation in course of breeding across carious generations.
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7 - Balloon Fish

It's look like the large bird in the angry birds game. it can tack large amount of water, that makes them to grow 2-3 times of the initial size.
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6 - Mexican Salamander

They are famous for their amazing healing abilities. And can regrow lims, tails, and ever heart and brain cells at an outstanding rate.
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5 - Leafy Sea Dragon

The Leafy Sea Dragon is a marine symbol of south Australia. These fishes look very much similar to that of mythical dragons.
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4 - Lion Fish

Lion fish have been visually sighted down to depths of 305 meters. A lion fish's stomach can expand up to 30 times it's normal volume. Lion fish wallpapers, fish like lion pics, lion fish images hd, lion fish wallpapers for desktop, about lion fish, where lion fish live. lion fish pics hd, lion fish pictures in hd.

3 - Angler Fish

< This fish meomories famous cartoon film - FINDING NEMO - . There are more than 200 species of angler fish worldwide. angler fish wallpapers hd, angler fish pics in hd, angler fish images in hd, angler fish pictures in hd, angler fish wallpapers for desktop, real anglerfish, real anger fish wallpapers hd, hd wallpapers of sea creatures, unseen sea creatures, strange sea creatures wallpapers, fish like nemo.

2 - Blanket Octopus

It seems like octopus wearing blanked to protect its from cold. They are rarely seen. biologists are searching them all across the world. octopus wallpapers in hd, octopus pics in hd, octopus pictures in hd, blanket octopus pics hd, blanket octopus pictures hd, blanket octopus wallpapers for desktop, about blanket octopus.

 1 - Flying Fish

It's not photoshoped these are real fishes that can fly several hundred feet in the air. It is usally found in Atlantic Pacific, Indian Oceans And mainly Barbados
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