4 Shocking And Interesting Facts Of Space You'll Shock To Know


In Space, There Is A Diamond That Is Bigger Than Earth

This Is Unbelievable Thing That Somewhere There Is A Diamond In Space That Is Really Bigger Than Our Earth.This Is Discovered by a US-Franco research team, its radius is twice that of Earth’s with a mass eight times greater. It Is Hard To Believe That It's Surface Is Covered By Graphite Rather Than Granite And Temperature Of This Planet Is Hot, And Is About 1,648 Celsius. If Our Reserchers Can Get Approach To This Planet Then The Whole World Hopefully Changed In A Very Major Level.

Neutron Star Is 1.5 Times Greater Than Sun In Mass

This Is Neutron Star According To NASA. It's Diameter Is 12 Miles And Solid Crust Is About 1 Mile But You'll Shock To Know That It Is 1.5 Times Greater In Mass Than Sun. Because This Star Combines Proton And Electron Into Neutron. One TeaSpoon Of This Star Is Equal To 900 Great Pyramids Of Giza. And One Sugar Cube Is Equals To 100 Billion Tons. 99 Percent Mass Of Our Solar System Is SUN And Neutron Star Is 1.5 Times Greater In Mass. Really Unbelievable But True And Amazing.

Earth Look Like A Dot From Saturn (1.44 Billion KM Away From Saturn)

This Little Dot Is Our Earth, It Is Harder To Believer But It Is True, It Is Earth Seen From Saturn, 1.44 Billion KM Away, you can also see Saturn’s rings and the moon. This Is Shows How Bigger Is Our Universe. Where Our Earth Planet Can Seems Like A Blue Dot. It Is Real Image By NASA.

One Day On Mercury Is Equal To 59 Days On Earth

Yess This Is True That One Day On Mercury Is Equals To 59 Days On Earth, As You Should Know That When We Go Away From Earth The Time Run Slow. In Some Planets One Day Could Be Equal To Thousands Years On Earth. The Timemachine Concept Is Also Based On This Fact


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