10 Amazing And Shocking Things Found In Space


  • Our Universe Is Much More Than We Imagine. There Are Many Complicated Planets And Big Objects That Seems Like They Can Never Find Ever. But With The Help Of Modern Science Scientist See Many Shocking Things In Space. Here Are The 10 Amazing And Shocking Things Ever Find In Space.

10 - GLIESE 581C

GLIESE 581C Has Been Determined By Scientists To Be a Potential Planet Candidate For future Colonization But The Planet Is Closer To Its End Up We Are Two Hours Which Means It's Stuck In a State Title Locket That Results In One Side Of The Planet Always Facing The Star While 

The Other Side Is Always Facing Away If You Enter The Stars Side Of The Planet Your Face With An Instant Melt Standing On The Opposite Side Of The Planet

 Where There Is No Sun Will Freez You Instantly but In Between Is a Small Segments Where Life Could Theoretically Exist


This Gas Cloud Taste Like Raspberries And Smells Of Rum. The Cloud Predominately Contains Ever Format ,Their Taste Is Something Like Known Fruit Raspberries And Giving Rum Smell.Sagittarius B2 Is Believed To Contain Billions Of Liters Of Its Unique Matter.


GLIES 4360 Is Found Within The Same Solar System As GLIES 581 See Which Supports This Planet Made Almost Entirely Out Of Ice At 439 Degrees Celsius Is The Burning Ice Cube The Ice Stay Solid Due To the Enormous Amount Of Water Found On The Planet The Gravity Pulls It In Towards The Core Subsequently Keep In The Water Molecules Are Packed So They Are Unable To Evaporate.


In 2012 At NASA Spacecraft Captured The Spectacular Photo Of Mercury Craters Arranged In The Shape That Looks Just Like Disney's Iconic Cartoon Mouse .It Shows a Huge Crater Topless Two Smaller Impact Basins To Create The Recognizable Shape. The Mickey Mouse On Mercury Is Form By Craters That Spans Across 65 Miles Wide..


Black Holes Are one Of The Atrangest And The Most Interesting Things In Space But No One Really knows What Happens If You Can Surpass The Center Of One Known As The Singularity. Once You Pass It You Can't Escape Not Even Like An Escape As The Gravity Is So Strong At That Point You Can Essentially See Back In Time At The Center Of a Black Hole Lies The Gravitational Singularity. 

a Region Where The Space-time Curvature Becomes Infinite. Theories Suggest If You Some Have Pass That Point You Enter Entire New Universes.


Gravitational Lensing Is Capable Of Bending The Light From The Source As It Travels For The Observer. Which Is Actually Looking At Now It's A Blue Star Directly Behind The Yellow Star. Light Is Being Bend So The Blue Star Gets Far.


A Few Years Ago Scientists Found The Universe The Largest Electrical Current Which Will Equal Around 1 Trillion Lightning Bolts. The Lightning Is Believed To Stand From A Huge Black Hole In The Center Of The Galaxy. The Holes Magnetic Field Allows It To You For Lightning Bolt Through Gas And Dust To A Distance Of Over 150,000 Light Years Away. Put It This Way. The Current Is Over 1.5 Times The Size Of The Milky Way.


The Diamond Planet Of 55 Cancri Is Made Entirely Out Of Crystallized Diamond. Its Worth Is 26.9 Nonillion Dollars Which Is 26.9 Dollars Followed By 30 Zeros.one Third Of The Mass Of Planet Is Believed To Be Pure Diamond While The Rest Include Graphite. The Planet Is 2 Times The Size Of Earth And Has A 8 Times The Mass.


12 Billion Light Years Away Resize The Universe Is Largest Water Reservoir, . The H2o Cloud Contains 140 Trillion Times The Amount Of Water In Earth's Ocean And Is Located Near The Cola So Black Hole At The Center Of The Case Are. The Black Hole Itself Is 20 Billion Times The Size Of The Sun And The Amount Of Energy It Releases Is Equivalent To What Would Be Produced By One Thousand Trillion Sounds.


Our Galaxy The Milky Way Is 100000 Light Years Across. So It's Something Or Do Occur On The Far Side Of The Galaxy. It Would Take A Hundred Thousand Years For The Light To Reach The Opposite End. That Like A Time Is Multiplied By 40000 For The Large Case Our Group. Yep The Lq G Is 4 Billion Light Years Across. Scientists Have No Idea How Is Formed. It's Structure Was Believed To Be Theoretically Impossible. The Large Case Our Group Is A Cluster Of 74k Source They Brakes Some Standard Laws Of Physics At The Maximum Size Of Any Possible Structure Should Be Only 1.2 Billion Light Years Across


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