Top 10 Richest People In The World 2015


1 : Bill Gates

Worth: $79.2 B
Source : Microsoft And Many Other Businesses  

About Bill Gates :

Bill Gates Is The World's Richest Person With The New Wealth $79.2 B. 
Bill Gates Is A Computer Programmer, An Inventor, And Also Co-Founder Microsoft. He Is The Richest Person Since 1995. His Father Was A Prominent Lawyer And His Mother Served On The Board Of Directors For First Interstate Bancsystem. Gates Have Done Many Of ADDS To Promote His Microsoft. Gates Was Not A Bright Student In Harvard Universtiy. But He Had A Dream  To Do Something Different And That Thing Made Him Different From Others. Today Bill Gates Is The World's Richest Person.

2 : Carlos Slim Helu

Worth : $77.1 B
Source : Telecom

About Carlos Selim Helu :
Carlos Is A Bushiness Magnate And A Investor.. He Was Born In Mexico City In 1940. He Was Sent Abroad Before Age 15. Carlos Had A Dream To Be A Greatest Business Man And For This Purpose He Started His Journey In Very Young Age. He Done His Civil Engineering From National Autonomous University Of Mexico. He Began His Career From A Stock Trader.Now He Has 2nd Rank In Richest Person Of The World.

3 : Warren Buffet

Worth : $72.7 B
Source : Berkshire Hathaway

About Warren Buffet :

Warren Buffet Is Also A Business Magnate And A Investor.20th Century's Most Successful Investor. He Is CEO Of Berkshire Hathaway. He Was Born In OMAHA, Nebraska. He Was Graduated From Woodrow Wilson High School.
He Worked As An Investment Salesman. Department Store Is One Of His Private Business. His Wife Name Is Susan Buffet And Have Three Children. 

4 : Amancio Ortega

Worth : $64.5 B
Source : Zara

About Amancio Ortega :

Amancio Ortega Is A Fashion Business Man. He Was Known For ZARA Clothing. He Was Born In Busdongo De Arbas. He Opened Many Zara Stores In Many Cities, And Promote It. He Is Also Interested In Take Very Active Part In The Production And Design Process In The Company. 

5 : Larry Ellison

Worth : $54.3 B

Source : Oracle

About Larry Ellison :

Larry Is Programmer, Internet Entrepreneur And A Businessman Also. He Is CEO Of Oracle Corporation ( A Software Company)  He Was Born In New York Belongs A Jewish Family. His Father Was A Air Force Pilot. He Was Interested In Computer Programming And Want To Be A Biggest One. And Now His Dreamed Became True And He Is The 5th Most Richest Person

6 : Charles Koch

Worth : $42.9 B

Source : Diversified

About Charles Koch

He Is A Businessman And A Philanthropist. He Is  CEO Of Koch Industries. Koch Industries Is The 2nd Largest Private Company. And Produce A Wide Variety Of Well Known Brands. He Was Born In Wichita,Kansas.He Is A Member Of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.He Is A Libertarian.

7 : David Koch

Worth : $41.8 B

Source :Diversified

About David Koch :

He Is A Businessman, Philanthropist, Political Activist And A Chemical Engineer. He Was Born In Wichita, Kansas. He Went On To The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. He Is Younger Brother Of Charles Koch. His Age Is 75 Years Old. He Pledges $150 Million For A Cancer Centre. He Has Three Children.He Is One Of Greatest Businessman 

8 : Christy Walton

Worth : 41.5 B

Source : Wal-Mart 

About Christy Walton :

She Is A American Philanthropist.She Is Widow Of John T Walton. John Walton Is Son Of Founder Of Walmart Name Sam Walton. Her Husband Was A Investor. 

9 : Jim Walton

Worth : $41.1 B
Source : Wal- Mart

Abou Jim Walton

Jim Walton Is Youngest Son Of Sam Walton. And Also A Founder Of Wal=Mart.He Born In Newport, Arkansas. He Is Child Of Co-Founder Wal-Mart Sam Walton And Helen Walton. He Has 4 Children. He Has A Good Family Business And Now He Is One Of The Richest Man In The World.

10 : Liliane Bettencourt 

Worth : $39.9 B

Source : L'Oreal

About Liliane Bettencourt 

She Is A French Philantrphist, Socialite, And A Businesswoman. Liliane Is One Of The Principal Share Holder Of L'oreal. She Was Born In Paris. She Has Many Cosmetics And Beauty Companies. Now She Is One Of The Most Richest Woman.


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