OMG - Almost An Elephant Vs a Lil Mouse - Download Video


This is not a comedy movie scene. This is a real MMA fight 600lbs vs 169lbs. Don't know why this un justice happening. But it looks entertaining. You must have watched the wrestling of great Khali Vs Rey mysterio. That was a historical moment. Everyone was shocked to watch that spectacular scene as that was unbelievable to watch 7 feet vs 5 feet in a wring.

Same as above said about khali and rey mysterio, this bang bang dinosaur vs competitively lil kid is one of the most entertaining moment in MMA history.You should never miss this superb moment because this is very rare to watch an elephant vs a small mouse. In this video that big elephant is about to eat that lil mouse but that lil boy have struggled a lot to face such tragedies. He did his best in this video but elephant did his best est.

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