Dismal Shelter Puppy Is Reunited With The Firefighter That Rescued Her From Abuser


Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, CA. as of late found the poor puppy wiped out, and tied up outside in the rain. Thus, when Thawley was brought together with Chunkie she was totally excited to be with him once again.Chunkie didn't have anybody around to claim her. There wasn't anybody to ensure that she was sheltered in the wake of being left without anyone else's input outside in the terrible climate. Mike set aside the opportunity to tidy her up and he took her to Front Street Animal Shelter for some horrendously required restorative consideration.

This cop is really a dog lover. This type of people are very few now a days. Those people who love animals are the most loyalest people on the world because they respect animals and this thing shows that how much they have love for humanity. If they can love animals, they must have a mountain of kindness for humans. Just take a look inside video you'll get the main point of this video.


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