An Elephant Still Not Forgets Reunited With Trainer After 15 Years


They are benevolent, thoughtful, keen – the rundown goes on. I am certain every one of you have heard the familiar adage "an elephant always remembers". On the off chance that you had any uncertainty over that announcement, this video will control it all! Charlie Franks and his better half Madeline embraced Sunita when in 1995. This excellent Asian elephant was just 5 years of age around then. They affectionately called her Nita and she was their "lone kid". Charlie began preparing her, he conveyed her to parades, TV appears, and different occasions too. Numerous carnival creatures are manhandled and abused these days, yet Nita got only love from her family.

This is not a common thing now a days because feelings are getting low in humans, They can't understand the situation correctly and forgot their love ones. Due to bad quality of mind, they loses their best relations. But on other side, in this video, you are going to watch an Elephant who didn't forgot his trainer after 15 years. 15 Years are really a huge time. In this 15 years many things got changed, Appearance, behaving style etc got changed and it makes us difficult to remember and recognize someone after 15 years. Just see this amazing and wonderful video.


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