OMG - Now This is Called What a Monster Machine - Watch Unbelievable Video


The SLJ900/32, made by the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company, is a 580 ton, 300 foot long & 24 foot wide mega machine that looks more like a train than a crane & acts a lot like a Stretch Armstrong action figure. Instead of using a stationary 0r crawler crane to lift the girder of a bridge from the ground &  drop it into its place, the SLJ900/32 drives the girder onto the previously placed girder, slowly extends its arms to the next support platform, pushes the girder towards the front of the machine then lowers it into place.

This type of machines are not a mindblowing thing now a days. Because now the world has been very advanced, new modern engineers are awesome. Their work is unbelievable and force us to take deep look inside their work. Just watch this so many wheeler truck


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