OMG - Have You Ever Seen This Plane On A Beach Video ? Watch Unbelievable Video


This photo, sent in by Joseph Mentesana shows what looks like a huge aircraft about to have a plane unlucky moment caught on tape. When I first saw it, I thought maybe somebody has taken the picture almost by just randomly. but then I thought hey wait a second, is this picture really real? Or is it just another fake pic… After a forensic investigation of the photograph, our experts have determined there is some digital manipulation of the photograph. The manipulation discovered showed various enhancements to color and contrast. Both the aircraft & the beach, however, appear to be organic to the photo and therefor…. real…. As it turns out this supposed plane unlucky moment is Maho beach on the Island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean. It is famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport which is so close to the beach, the planes look like they are touch down on the sand.


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