England Vs West Indies T20 World Cup Last Highlights - 4 Sixes On 4 Balls - Unbelievable Triumph


England played very well and gave a target of 183 scores. This is a hard target for t20 cricket match. As we know that England team is some harder and good team than west indies. But in world cup 2016 t20, west indies has made a new cricket history by making 4 sixes at 4 balls in last over. West indies required 19 score at 6 balls, it's really really hard to achieve this target. England team looked very easy and feeling like they have won the match but at while head becomes tale and west indies achieve target by making 4 sixes at 4 balls. Everyone gone shocked by watching unbelievable and most amazing triumph of west indies ever. And finally west indies won the T20 world cup 2016 by 6 wickets.tags, 4 sixes at 4 balls, west indies unbelievable shots in t20 world cup 2016. 4 balls 4 sixes.


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